Towards the end of the last World War, two sisters Marina and Giuseppina Ceccucci with the invaluable help of Marina's husband, Adolfo Ginocchietti, started to produce the famous “Arazzetti” (small tapestries) and “Tovaglie Perugine” (Perugia tablecloths ) the designs of which date back to the XIV, XV and XVI° centuries.
The friendship with Mariano Rocchi, a famous collector, induced Marina and Giuseppina to study the original ancient textiles of the XV and XVI centuries which had been exhibited by M. Rocchi in 1907 during the Ancient Umbrian Art Exhibition in Perugia., The two Ceccucci sisters were then able to produce them for the public by using Jacquard looms.

Nowadays the “Bottega d'Arte Ceccucci”, based in Prepo since 1970, pursues the family tradition, started by the two sisters that in the 20's opened the workshop named “ Tessuti Artistici”, first established in Perugia, in the Monteluce area.

Thanks to this ancient history, the “Bottega d'Arte Ceccucci” is today proud to have the possibility to use a wide range of patterns, that in them selves represent a patrimony of great artistic and cultural value.
In May 1996 the “Bottega d'Arte Ceccucci” was awarded the gold medal for Work and Economic Progress by the Perugia Chamber of Commerce.

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